merry X-mas

I Saw Santa In A Wife Beater And A Thong

I woke up in the night
Because I heard a noise
There was a big fat guy
Unloading a bunch of toys

I was shocked at what I saw
Something was defiantly wrong
'Cust there was Santa Clause
Wearing a wife beater and a thong

I honestly don't know
If he was breaking any laws
But that tattoo on his arm
I'm positive, wasn't Mrs. Clause

He finished what he was doing
Brushed pine needles off his gut
He straightened out his hat
And pulled the thong out of his butt

He went to the fridge
And grabbed a steak and beer
Said "I sure wish this was venison
As he grinned from ear to ear

He jumped on a big Harley
And roared off into the night
Yelled "Merry Christmas bitches!"
As he disappeared out of site

'Tis a Christmas I'll never forget
Just in case, I wrote this song
About the night I saw Santa
In a wife beater and a thong.

Merry Christmas

wrote by "turbo punk"

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